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Mobility, Power, Strength, Conditioning

Wrestling requires you to be good at everything. You need to be mobile to get into funky positions. You need to be powerful to hit that blast double and get the takedown. Strong to move your opponent with ease. And of course conditioned, to not gas as soon as the battle begins.

But what do you already have. If you are wrestling a lot, then you are probably already doing a lot of specific conditioning. It gets your heart rate up and challenges your muscles for long durations. Wrestling does the best job at conditioning your body for wrestling.

So that leaves Strength, Power, and Mobility. Some people are very strong, but are just too sluggish and it seems difficult for them to get into positions, bailing out quickly on scrambles. Others get tossed around with just zero strength and authority on the mat. They fly around and get in all types of positions, but can never create that push for the takedown.

But most people fall somewhere in the middle. Where they fall is important to map out training.

Power- Sprints, jumps, and throws with short duration and long rest periods. If you want to get fast, you have to move fast, and that’s what these movements are doing. A jolt of quickness followed by enough rest to move just as fast, if not, faster.

Strength- The classic squat, bench, and deadlift are usually the best big lifts for this quality. They use a lot of muscles and high amounts of rigidity to perform. Sets of 3-8 are usually the best rep range for these lifts.

Mobility- These exercises hammer the movement qualities that are not done well. They make the athlete get into positions through a lift with a big range of motion. Higher reps to keep the weight relatively light as movement quality needs to stay in-check. Single arm, single leg, and core exercises should be done for about 3-4 sets of about 10 reps.

So if most people need all of these, do them all. Power then strength then mobility. Spend the most time on what your weakness is. All could be “hard” or “easy” exercises, just in different categories as they give the body a different athletic quality.

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